Meet the Scorpio Star Sign

They are the most emotional sign of the Zodiac. They are extreme in their emotions - when in love they feel like no other but when they are betrayed or hurt they will stop at nothing to hurt right back. This is the most complex sign of the Zodiac and one to be extremely careful of.

What Scorpio people believe in

Scorpio people believe in fairness. They love being fair and they expect fairness from all. They make great friends and are always there to help and guide you. They make great lovers and sex with a scopio is intense and wonderfully healing. However upset them and you will know about it!

Scorpio Psychic Readings

If you would like to learn more about a Scorpio or perhaps you are a scorpio learning about your sign then try a reading now from Irish Tarot and ask for a Scorpio Horoscope reading with the Tarot cards.