The most popular Tarot decks

Picking a Tarot deck that is right for you is extremely complex as you need to pick the deck that now only suits you but is also at the same energy level. What is also interesting is that as you progress in your readings you will often find that your energy changes and so you will need to use other decks too to keep the energy fresh and clear.

The best Tarot deck for beginners

There is no doubt that the best deck to begin reading with is the Rider Whaite Tarot Deck. It is beautiful and simple and ideal for anybody learning to read the Tarot. It is available anywhere people sell Tarot decks and Irish Tarot also keep a supply onsale that we bless at a stone circle in West Cork if you are interested.

How to pick a Tarot deck

Simply place your hands on the cards and let them vibrate with you. If you feel a tingling feeling then you know that is the right deck for you.

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