Tarot Readings by SMS Text

Easy to use psychic readings using your phone credit or bill.

Step 1: Text us your question

Text the keyword TAROT followed by your question to 57599 (as shown in the example on the left). You must start all texts with the keyword TAROT or we will not receive it and confirm your are over 18 years old. The more specific your question the more specific your answer. General readings are not suitable by text as we are limited to one short text reply. We do not charge for texts sent in - we only charge for replies. Some mobile companies might charge for sending text messages and this usually varies between 5 and 20 cent, please check with your phone company for details of charges on your call plan with them.

Step 2: Your reading will be queued

Our psychics will review your question within 24 hours or shorter with their Tarot cards and when complete will write a text back to you with your reading. All our readings are done by readers in Ireland in person and are NEVER automatic or computer done.

Step 3: Enjoy your reading reply

When completed and sent back you will be charged €2.50 for your reading. If you have no credit at the time your reading is received then it will be deleted by your phone company. Unfortunately we cannot resend readings so please ensure you have enough credit to receive your reading. Trust is important and we promise we will never subscribe you to any ads from using this Text Tarot service.

Or prefer a phone reading?

Pay by phone bill or credit

2.44 per minute

  • Call off your phone or mobile
  • Comes off your phone bill or credit
  • Calls from mobiles may cost more
  • Irish phones only
How to do it

Service Notice: Service provider Irish Tarot. This is NOT a subscription service. Helpdesk open office hours 01-5290076 and support@irishtarot.com (note this is just our helpdesk and we cannot do readings on this number). Our contact address is Irish Tarot House 66 Pier 19, Ushers Island. Dublin 8. We only send one message in reply for each message you send to us (that is we do not send more than one reply to your text). Note some phone companies will charge you to send a text in to us, this is usually the standard cost of an SMS which is normally between 5 and 20 cent but please check with your mobile phone company before texting to make sure as this cost is beyond our control.