Enjoy a Tarot Party remotely via Zoom

Many people work from home today but that doesn't mean you can't host an exciting social work do. Via Zoom you can have all the excitement of a Tarot party even if your friends are in Budapest or Bantry. We host a Zoom room where all your colleauges and friends can chat while each person has a private room for their reading.

To book your party call 021 234 0202 or email support@irishtarot.com

Thinking of booking a work party? Call 021 234 0202 now and we'll help you organise.

Zoom Tarot Party FAQ

Considering a Zoom Psychic Party? Here are some of the typical questions people have but give us a call on 021 234 0202 to discuss any specific questions you may have.

Almost the same. Irish Tarot has been working from home for over twenty years as phone readings were one of the first work from home careers ever. We are well used to it. The only difference is that we will shuffle the cards for you but in person you shuffle the cards yourself.
No the costs are the same.
It depends on how many people will at your event. Please get in touch for details as we will arrange based on your numbers.
It will not effect the reading but we would suggest you do the reading in private as it is your time for you enjoyment.
Absolutely! We are used to reading for office parties where some people have never had a reading so if you would like us to draft you an email to forward on explaining how it all works we will be happy to help.
Simply call 021 234 0202 or email support@irishtarot.com to book and we will be delighted to help plan, manage and organise your Tarot event.