We will come to your office or venue

Have an Irish Tarot psychic feature at your office party to entertain and excite your work colleagues at your next social do. We can travel to any office or event location in Ireland. Just set us up with a table and ask your employees to book a time slot throughout the event.

To book your party call 021 234 0202 or email support@irishtarot.com

Thinking of booking a work party? Call 021 234 0202 now and we'll help you organise.

Work Party FAQ

These are some of the typical questions people ask when booking parties. Give us a call to discuss any specific questions you may have.

We will travel to any office or event location across all 32 counties of Ireland.
We require a desk with two chairs in a corner or back of your event room where we can do the cards. Please also make a booking list of people who wish to have their cards done as usually demand for the service becomes extensive as the night goes on. During one event in the Mansion House in Dublin we came as a feature to an event which included fire breathers and other facinating performances however the round room was completely blocked with the queue for our table. So we learned to always have a prebooked list. Often people who never had their cards done before might be afraid to book but when they see how excited others are they book last minute so it is a good idea to have a few extra slots for last minute requests.
It depends on how many people will at your event. Please get in touch for details as we will arrange based on your numbers.
We will do all we can to attend your party and will follow all HSE guidelines for safety to help stop the spread of Covid19.
Absolutely! We are used to reading for office parties where some people have never had a reading so if you would like us to draft you an email to forward on explaining how it all works we will be happy to help.
Simply call 021 234 0202 or email support@irishtarot.com to book and we will be delighted to help plan, manage and organise your Tarot event.