Tarot from Ireland

Although an Italian psychic tool Tarot has been part of Irish society since it was created in the 15th century - around the same time Sir Walter Raleigh introduced potatoes to Ireland in Cork.

Ireland has a rich history of Druids who connect with the native Irish mythology which is still very much alive today in Ireland. Saints such as Bridghid is actually an Irish Goddess from County Kildare - even the name Eire is the name of a Goddess.

Many Irish people talk of seeing the Ban Sidh / Banshee which is an Irish fairy spirit who comes to warn up of the future passing of a loved one.

Ireland has a special spirit for reading and Irish Tarot tries to bring this into every service we offer. We have our own unique way of reading and we hope you will love it. We have been operating since 2001 from West Cork and we hope you enjoy your readings with us knowing we have been trusted since then making us the longest running Irish psychic service in the country.

We are based in West Cork but offer our services all around Ireland online via Zoom video calls, phone, text and email readings. We also do readings for people in the UK and the USA so make sure to drop us an email if you would like a reading.