Our Fair Pricing Policy & Rates

No hidden charges or extras.

Chat Readings

€1 per minute. minimum reading time you can purchase is 5 minutes for €5. There are no extra charges.

How chat readings work

You arrange a chat reading by contacting customer care on facebook chat here. You will be connected with the reader of your choice and once your reading starts the reader will welcome you. You ask your questions in the same way you would on a live phone reading and the reader will shuffle the cards on each question for you via the chat. Once your time expires your reading is complete. It is possible to extend your reading but only with your permission during the chat.

Live Phone Readings

From €1.99 per minute. Minimum reading time you can purchase is 5 minutes. Prices depend on how many minutes you buy and any minutes you don't use will stay on your account for next time. So if you buy 1 hour and only use 10 minutes then you will have 50 minutes for next time and so on. Discounts apply to the larger topups and these are the cheapest. The smaller topups have less of a discount and no discount at the 5 and 10 minute end.

How do live phone readings work

Once you have minutes on your Irish Tarot account just ask here on chat for your reading to be connected. The reader can call you on your landline, mobile if you are in Ireland, the US or UK and on WhatsApp audio to anywhere in the world. As we are calling you nothing will show on your phone bill. This is a call back service so you don't call us - we are calling you which is ideal for most people. As you know how many minutes you have it is not possible to go over your spend and so no bills!

Pay by Phone-Bill or Phone Credit

These live readings are connected to our same readers and are charged to your phone bill. With this service you call us on our Tarot hotline number and so the phone company will charge you per minute. This works in the Republic of Ireland only from all Irish phone networks. Each network charges their own rates and we do not know what they will charge. For example if you call from a standard Eir or Eircom line this will cost €2.44 per minute but if you call from a mobile such as Vodafone, Tesco Mobile, Three Mobile and so on they will charge their own rate up to €3 per minute. We have no control over this and you need to speak to them about it. You may also need to call their customer care line prior to calling us to confirm that you are over 18 years old and wish to call our Tarot line. We cannot help you with this so please contact them if you find your phone will not allow you to call us.

Email Readings

€20 per email reading for one specific question. General readings, readings with no clear question or readings with lots of unrelated questions will be rejected as are best suited to phone readings.

How do email readings work

Send an email to support@irishtarot.com requesting your reading and if you have a reader you would like to have your reading completed by or request the next available reader to let fate decide. You must have a debit card registered and when you request your reading €20 will be debited for you and your reading completed and sent by email. If you do not have a card registered or it fails then we will notify you that your reading request was not accepted due to payment failure and you will be invited to use another card. Readings take usually 24 hours on a business day and you can check the status of your reading anytime on chat here.