Call 021 234 0202 for a phone reading now

You can call us directly now or text us on 087 351 7758 (and we will call you back) to start a phone reading.

Unlike many other services we are a genuine Irish psychic service based in Bantry in West Cork operating across the country by phone.

If it is your first time calling then you can avail of our trial offers too starting from a fiver! Text us on 087 351 7758 to book a reading now.

What happens when you call

You can pay by debit or credit card over the phone for the time you would like (for example 10 minutes for €28) and if free in that moment we will do your reading then. If we are on calls or booked out we will organise a time with you that suits.

You can also book a reading by texting "I would like a phone reading" to 087 351 7758 and we will call you back as soon as we are finished the call we are on.

What times are we open

We work from 10am to midnight Monday to Sunday Irish time.

Our call rates and how to pay

New callers can try a 5 minute reading for a fiver. Our rates as follows:

Trial Offer 5 minute phone readingNew customers can give the cards a try for a fiver€5
5 minute phone readingGreat for a quick reading where you have just one question.€14
10 minute phone readingWhen you have just one or two questions then ten minutes are ideal.€28
15 minute phone reading€2 FREE with a 15 minute reading - ideal for a standard reading.€40
20 minute phone reading€3 FREE with 20 minutes for a good detailed reading.€53
30 minute phone readingMost popular half hour reading with €5 FREE - ideal for most people.€79
40 minute phone readingFREE with 40 minutes for your reading ideal for complex queries.€105
50 minute phone reading€12 FREE with 50 minutes for your reading for important questions.€128
1 hour phone reading€30 FREE with 1 hour for your readings. Save unused minutes for later.€139