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Irish Tarot was one of the first websites ever to provide free unlimited online Tarot card readings. Back in 2003 we released the first system that allowed people to have Tarot readings via the Internet using our unique method of reading cards with a virtual Tarot deck.

The system does free Tarot readings by presenting the user with a virtual Tarot deck that they can select their own cards with. The system then takes their question and selected cards and does a Tarot reading.

Other websites and systems use basic randomisations however at Irish Tarot we actually entirely replicate the reading process by shuffling the cards in the exact way you would do if you were having a reading in person.

The reason they are so accurate is because David, the founder of Irish Tarot released the system as part of his Computer Science projects while a student at Trinity College Dublin. As both a Tarot reader and a computer programmer he was able to model the process digitally unlike ever seen before.

The system has never changed since and you can enjoy the same exciting readings free of charge anytime. Irish Tarot also provides options to have online Tarot readings done by our psychics including David. So welcome to our website and we wish you lots of success and spiritual help with Irish Tarot's online Tarot reading tools.