How does Tarot work?

In the 15th century an Italian artist called Bonifacio Bembo created the first known deck of Tarot for the Visconti family in Milan. They were caled "The Tarocchi Cards" and all Tarot today is based on these beautiful cards.

Tarot has its roots in many different mythologies which includes Kabbalah (Jewish mysticism) and Christianity. Often decks include other spiritual paths such as Greek Mythology and Irish Celtic Mythology.

When you do a reading the cards are shuffled and this has the effect of connecting with your energy. It is done via intention, in the same way when you light a candle for an intention and then they are laid out on a table. You then pick a pile and the reader will lay the cards out in a spread which is a framework to understand the message from the cards.

Often messages will come to the reader such as messages from spirits, spirit guides, angels and even from past away loved ones. A reading is usually a mix of energies and a talented reader like one of our team will be able to do you a reading that is mixed with all of these messages.

Tarot can connect you with your inner spirit also as it often includes messages from your Higher Self.