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The joy of Free Tarot Card Readings at Irish Tarot

free tarot card readings online

Free Tarot

We all face times when we need answers yet we feel it is very difficult to find them. Irish Tarot has free Tarot Readings online for all to use and enjoy. Simply enter your question, select your cards and enjoy your reading. We don't charge for this as we know some people will be in situations where they cannot afford to pay for readings and we understand this.

If you enjoy your readings and are in a position to pay a small fee for a reading then why not try our exciting readings by whatsApp, phone and text and even email tarot card reading?

You might ask why we charge for readings? Well because everybody deserves to get paid for the work they do. Tarot card reading is a fantastic life path as it allows us to truly help those in need. However we also have our needs and it is only fair that we get fairly paid for the work we do just as any other person who works gets paid.

Sometimes people think Tarot Card Reading should always be free of charge and they are welcome to that belief, however if every reader did that there would soon be no readers left as everybody needs to eat and put a roof over their heads. Our prices are fair and simple, by supporting us you are helping us provide this exciting and helpful service to all those that needs it.

For those who are not in a position to support use then you are welcome to use our free tarot card reading system online.