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What is the difference between Crystal Ball Psychic readings and Tarot Cards?

crystal ball psychics readings

Psychic Chinese Zodiac Readings

The complete year of 2019 is known as the Year of the Pig in Chinese zodiac astrology. It is also called the Year of The Earth Pig, starting from the 2019 Chinese New Year on Feb. 5 and lasting to 2020 Lunar New Year’s Eve on Jan. 24 as the Chinese year is slightly different to the Western year in terms of when it happens by date. A lot of people make that mistake in thinking that they were born in the year of the Pigh when they were really born in a different Chinese Astrology year.

The Chinese Zodiac which is known as Sheng Xiao, is unlike the Western astrology system based on a twelve year cycle with each year in that cycle related to an animal Chinese Astrology sign. These signs in order are:

  1. The Rat
  2. The Ox
  3. The Tiger
  4. The Rabbit
  5. The Dragon
  6. The Snake
  7. The Hhorse
  8. The Sheep
  9. The Monkey
  10. The Rooster
  11. The Dog
  12. The Pig

Once again remember that it is calculated based and according to Chinese lunar calendar in the Zodiac and not the Western system we use in Ireland so be careful when you calculate what sign you are!!

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