Angel Card Readings

What is the difference between Angel Cards and Tarot Cards?

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Angels or Tarot?

Angel Cards are an amazing and exciting tool to read your future and find answers to your questions. There are many different types of Angel cards and they range from old to modern. Some people find they can make their own Angel Cards and this is just as good as buying some. It is also a good idea to look carefully as some are not that connected spiritually so it is important to see which work for you.

We at Irish Tarot do Angel Card readings for anybody who wants them but we do recommend that you consider the Tarot as a much more useful tool for specific information and answers to questions when you need them. A ngel cards tend to be very general and they don't always yield detailed results. However we would be happy to do them any time for you.

If you wish to make your own angel cards then why not close your eyes and as your spirit guide or guardian angel to come and give you an image to draw or paint. Then do you best to represent it on a piece of paper to represent your Angel. Then do this for as many cards as you can think of. Perhaps one a day for one year would do and ask each Angel what their message for you is and keep a diary of each message. Very soon you will have your very own deck with all the information you need to do detailed readings for yourself and your friends.