Got a short question for the cards?

Our text message service is great for short questions, just text TAROT followed by your question to 57599. Each reply that we will send to you costs €2.50 and is available only in Ireland. Please also confirm that you are over 18 in the text at first. If you have a longer question then we suggest you try our email reading service. Service provider is Irish Tarot and if you have any questions our helpdesk is open office hours on 01-5290076 (note this is just our helpdesk and we cannot do readings on this number). Our contact address is Irish Tarot C/O Woulfe Ac, Thomas Street. Rathkeale. Co. Limerick. This is not a subscription service. We only send one message in reply for each message you send to us (that is we do not send more than one reply to your text). Note some phone companies will charge you to send a text to us, this is usually the standard cost of an SMS which is normally between 5 and 20 cent but please check with your mobile phone company before texting to make sure as this cost is beyond our control.


Show me an example

Text "TAROT Hi I have a new boyfriend and I am wondering if things will go well for us. I am over 18" to 57599.


Who will do the text reading for me?

You can request that it is done by a specific reader on our website and we will do our best to ensure that reader does it. Please then start with TAROT followed by the name of the reader and then your question.


Do you use a content agency or use automatic replies?

NO! Irish Tarot readers do all our messages and we do not use any automatic response systems. We believe automatic replies or content agencies should never be used in replying to text messages for customers.


Do you send more than one reply per text?

NO! We only send one reply to each question. This is fair as it means you will never be charged more than stated. It also means your reply is no longer than 1 text message. This may be too short for your question so if it is a complex question please use our phone service or email reading services instead as text readings are small and short.


Is this a subscription service?



How long will it take for a reply to my question?

We try to get back to you as soon as possible and the majority are replied to within 24 hours. As some readers are not working every day it may take longer if you requested a specific reader to do it. As we do every reading oursevles and put lots of time and energy into it (such as shuffling the Tarot cards etc) it may take longer than other services which might be using content agencies or automatic replies. Also we can only attempt to send the reply once so please ensure you have enough credit to receive the text reply as we cannot resend replies if it fails when we try to send it.


Can I check the status of text?

Yes - just call our helpdesk on 01-5290076.


Can I cancel a text that I have sent in?

Yes call our helpdesk as soon as possible on 01-5290076 to delete your message from the queue. If your reading has already been done and sent out then we cannot delete it.


Can I try the service without a fee?

No, we do not offer any trials of our text message services. Each text reply is charged at €2.50 per message.