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Tarot Reader with 18 years experience
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My method of reading is to combine Tarot, Runes, Spirit Guides and clairsentience to bring you a reading that is both helpful and insightful for you.

How my readings work

When I am reading for a new caller I almost always start off with a general reading to make a connection to the client. This allows me and the caller to make a psychic connection.

If I or the customer feels we have not made a good enough connection we stop and I refer them to one of the other readers. This means you are not wasting your credit and I am not wasting my time. This may be a different approach to what you are used to with other Tarot services in Ireland but it has proven to work very well for my customers and I.

Working with questions

Once my customers and I have established a good connection we normally work on specific questions about different areas of their lives. Usually this could be to do with career, work or a personal matter. I use my cards and spirit guides to work with the customer on these and this is where most of the psychic work is done.

My radio psychic readings in Dublin

I presented for many years in Dublin a psychic radio show called The Psychic Connection every Sunday. It proved to be the most popular show on the radio during it's time slot. Today it brings a lot of wonderful memories back when I speak with callers who used to listen.