Ciara's Profile
Highly experienced angel medium psychic
Angel Cards have been with me for over the past 15 years but it is only recently that I have gained the courage and strength from our angels to embark upon helping others to heal their issues or concerns.

I work through these mystical cards and call upon the assistance of our Angels by tapping into the Worldwide Angel Grid. They guide me into finding an insight that is unique for you.

Perhaps it is a certain area within your life whereby you would like direction then I can assist you in finding the right path. I offer a session that is unconditional as I am a qualified counsellor/psychotherapist and can provide a space for you that is gentle and peaceful and with the direction of our angels, they can guide me towards offering an awareness distinctively for you.

Please always know that I am the facilitator, it is your angels that are called upon in these readings that really do the work. I would be delighted to hear from you.