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Tarot and Clairaudience Psychic

My name is Catherine. My method of reading is to combine Tarot with Clairaudience, bringing a reading which is personal and relevant to you.

Whatever your questions I will look forward to reading for you.

When people call me for the first time I usually tune in, see what's coming up from Spirit and then I pull a few cards for them. If they have questions then I can work with those too.

People say I am straight to the point without any drama and that would be right - I don't waste time with pretty language and flowery words - I tune in straight away and get right down to the problem.

I have the most regulars on Irish Tarot so if you call when I'm already engaged on a call then please try again in a few minutes. You can see when I'm available on the homepage. I work throughout the day so you can almost always get me at some point everyday.

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Catherine H Psychic Tarot Reader

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How to contact me

For people in Ireland: 1580 505 133 (calls cost euro 2.44 per minute)

For people in the UK and Northern Ireland please call me on: 0800 0319 079

For USA Customers please call my California Psychic line: (415) 523 7764 

You can also email me on